Office uniform

Order Type : Men And Women

Office dresses are different types that can be broadly divided into: feminine and masculine. Women's uniforms include: mantles, pants, hats, scarves or upholstery, and men's uniforms include: jackets, pants and shirts. The colors in this type of clothing are varied and our company designs on the color, brand and logo of each clothing order. These clothes are made of fine fabrics to withstand scrubbing.

  • Men's Shirts & Trousers:
  • Fabric Type: Fastoni
  • Fabric texture: Thread (2/30) Woven (2/30)
  • Material: 70% viscose, 30% viscose
  • Texture Density: Thread (29)
  • Final Weight: 320
  • Dyeing: Complete
  • Color stabilization: Has -100% wash
  • Fabric wash: With softener

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