Dibaye Afiyat Operative Company

This Company Since 2006, with the assistance of the Ministry of Industries and Mines and Cooperatives of Khuzestan Province and the private sector agroup of 50 capable and experienced women have begun to produce various types of clothing of projects.

Fields Of Our Business

    Dibay Aafat Operative Company has worked with 45 hard working and skilled women to produce and distribute various types of office, school and service industrial clothing including:
    Factories, hospitals, restaurants and other businesses founded have over 15 years of experience working well with companies such as National Drilling, Sugarcane Development, Mahshahr Petrochemical, Steel Industries, Power Distribution, Mehr Hospitals, Arvand, Apadana and Oil Company and also many schools in Ahvaz and Shushtar have always been at the forefront of company performance. It is worth noting that the company is always ready to cooperate with esteemed applicants with the following intellectual capital and facilities.
    - Annual production capacity of various kinds of garments (about 10,000 industrial work clothes)
    - Annual production capacity of hospital clothing types (about 50,000 hands)


Certificate of Appreciation Ahvaz Power Distribution Company
Certificate of Good Work Steel Industry Ideologists Co
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Appreciation for the support of the orphans Imam Khomeini Relief Committee
Sample female entrepreneur Khuzestan province cooperative head office
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