Hospital Clothes

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Hospital clothing is available in a variety of formats including clinics, laboratories, hospitals, operating rooms, pharmacies and offices. Various fabrics are used for sewing and making hospital clothes. Plain Tergal, Tergal Tile, Flamenco, Plain Viscose, Tissue and Tetron are the most commonly used fabrics for sewing hospital clothing.

The choice of hospital fabric is very important. The hospital environment and treatment centers should be free of any viruses and germs, so hospital clothes should be constantly cleaned and cleaned, and if the fabric of these clothes is not resistant to all kinds of disinfectants and detergents, very soon The quality is lost and worn out.

In addition, the sex of the patient's clothing should be such that it does not cause allergy in the patient's body. It should be light in weight, bodyless and the patient should feel comfortable.

Of course, the types of clothing used in a hospital do not include only the patient's clothing. Medical staff uniforms, nursing staff uniforms, hospital personnel uniforms, pregnancy clothing, all types of overalls, sheets, bedspreads, service uniforms, operating room suits and disposable clothing are other items used in hospital and health care settings. They must be made of suitable and durable and standard fabrics. The best type of hospital fabric is the Tetron fabric. Tetron fabric is one of the most widely used types of hospital garments because of its many features such as high color variety, cheap price, softness and light weight. Hospital Tegel Fabric.

Tegalal fabric is another widely used hospital fabric that is used in two types of simple and astringent for sewing medical overalls, nursing uniforms, personnel uniforms, patient suits, bedding and curtains.

All the specifications of the plain Tergal fabric are the same with the curvature. The most important difference is simple and misshapen Tergal fabric in their weight.

The most important features of this type of fabric can be the price, yarn quality, dyeing quality, high color variety and resistance to wear.

In addition to being used in sewing hospital uniforms, Tegel cloth is also widely used in sewing work clothes and school uniforms, which are usually cheaper than hospital uniforms.

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